Mother Takes Binge Drinking Daughter to the Police


In an article that appeared on October 17, 2013 on the BBC News England website, a woman from Plymouth, Great Britain took her 13-year old daughter to a police station after she caught her teenage daughter lying about engaging in binge drinking.

This woman said that she took her daughter to a police station in Cornwall to show her teenager that underage drinking "does not end well."

The teenage daughter initially told her mother that she was staying at a friend's house.

The mother, however, was told by the teen's school administrators that teachers overheard the daughter talking with other students about drinking the previous night with her friends.

Three Female Teens Bought Vodka at a Cornwall Store

When the daughter was questioned by a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), the teenager mentioned that she along with two of her girlfriends bought two liters of vodka at a shop located in Cornwall.

PCSO Kirsty Down said the daughter was actually shocked after she was informed about the dangers that are associated with underage drinking.

The Teenage Girl's Mother Felt Deceived

When the mother heard that her young daughter had engaged in binge drinking with her friends, the mother admitted that she felt deceived by her daughter's lies and then started to think of all of the terrible scenarios that might have happened.

Indeed, she said that her daughter could have been murdered, raped, kidnapped, or she could have had too much to drink.

The Local Police Are Trying to Curb Underage Drinking

When officer Down was interviewed by the news team about the mother and her 13-year-old-daughter, Ms. Down stated that the local law enforcement community is actively doing the following in order to prevent underage drinking:

  • Working with the local licensing team.

  • Working with colleges and schools.

  • Interacting with youth on social media websites.

  • Collecting evidence on the shop in Cornwall that sold the teenage girls the vodka.


I think that the mother who reported her teenage daughter to the police did exactly the best thing she could do to let her daughter know that lying is not OK and that drinking alcohol is not going to be tolerated.

Indeed, the mother sent a strong message to her daughter letting her know that she felt deceived and horrified to think of all the terrible, alcohol-related scenarios that could have happened.

It also seems that when officer Down talked to the daughter, she did so in a non-judgmental way as she informed the young girl about the destructive and unhealthy outcomes of pre-teen and teenage alcohol abuse, binge drinking, and alcoholism.

To view the original source for this article, see 13-year-old daughter lied to her mother about her binge drinking.