Police Working Hard to Reduce Underage Drinking


According to an article that was published on July 23, 2013, the Pacific County, Washington Sheriff's Office and the Long Beach, Washington Police Department are working hard to substantially reduce underage drinking.

The main reason for this is to keep the community safe while many teens and pre-teens attend various events within the Long Beach Peninsula.

Indeed, right around high school graduation time, on June 1, 2013 and on June 15, 2013, police officers engaged in extra "party patrols" in the Naselle area and along the Long Beach Peninsula.

Fortunately, the "word" must be getting out to the teens because during these special "party patrols," the police did not issue any "minors in possession citations" and no underage drinking parties were found.

Some Suggestions

All in all, this is very good news indeed. If, however, the local authorities want to further decrease underage drinking, why not do the following?

  • Get the parents involved in the underage drinking efforts. After all, many teenagers steal their alcohol from their parents while some parents turn a "blind eye" to what their teenage sons and daughters are doing, including underage drinking.

  • Get more members of the local community involved in the underage drinking efforts. Why not expand the "burden of responsibility" from the local police departments and include local teachers, social service personnel, recreation personnel, city officials, and parent organizations?

  • Keep in mind that underage drinking is illegal and often involves "binge drinking" which is a form of alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, binge drinking can lead to an alcohol overdose, some of which are fatal. Having said this, why not enhance the alcohol preventative and educational programs in the local community?

  • Sponsor special non-alcoholic events for teens so that they have fun associating with their friends in an age-appropriate, safe manner.

  • Get some suggestions from the youth regarding non-alcoholic activities in which they would like to participate.

To view the original source for this article, see police working hard to reduce underage drinking.