When Common Sense Doesn't Rule the Day


Recently, high school honor student Erin Cox was at work when she received a phone call from a friend who said that she was at a party and had too much to drink to safely drive home.

So Erin, being the good friend that she is, left work early and drove to the party so she could drive her female friend home.

At about the same time that Erin arrived at the party, however, the local police showed up and began arresting several teenagers for underage drinking.

The Consequences of Doing the Common Sense Thing

Although Erin was not arrested, due to the fact that she hadn't had anything to drink, she somehow got into a lot of trouble at her high school, North Andover High School, that is located in Boston. Why? For violating one of the school policies.

As a consequence, Erin was not only told that she has been suspended from playing on her volleyball team for five games but that she was also demoted from her captain's position on the team.


This is what happens when a person, school administrators, or worse, when government officials hold fast to an ideology, belief system, or policies that defy logic and common sense. In fact, in all of these examples, the motto should be "don't let the facts or common sense get in the way."

This is simply a sign of our times, that is, when common sense and the facts don't seem to matter all that much.

This kind of mindset is unfortunate when an honor student receives a 5-game suspension and is demoted from her captain position on her volleyball team for trying to drive a friend home who had too much to drink.

On the other hand, this kind of mentality can be catastrophic when it involves the highest leaders in our land. Let me explain.

The 5-Ton Elephant That is Standing in the Room

One of the most, if not thee most critical issue our country is facing is our national debt. This issue truly is the 5-ton elephant that is standing in the middle of the room that seems to be invisible to our leaders in Washington.

The most recent government shutdown should have put our national debt issue directly in the cross hairs of members of Congress. Instead of coming up with a common sense and logical approach that would get our fiscal house in order, however, the Congressional brainiacs once again decided to cave in to the President's demands and raise the debt ceiling.

Newsflash to the members of Congress: continuously raising our debt ceiling rather than hammering out a doable and logical budget and adhering to this budget is a road map to economic destruction.

When an individual insists on spending more each month than he makes and then increases his "debt ceiling" to even more spending, this eventually leads to bankruptcy.

This is precisely what our federal government is doing, with one exception. Unlike individuals, our federal government can roll out the printing presses and print more money.

Unfortunately, the fact that printing billions of dollars of new money every month devalues our currency is another reality that seems to escape the mindset of the highest political leaders in our country.

Exactly Who Displayed Bizarre Conduct?

Erin Cox's friend had enough common sense to realize that even in her alcohol-impaired condition, she shouldn't drive her vehicle. Keep in mind that this was the reasoning of a young high school student who had been drinking.

Question. After reviewing the above discussion, who displayed the most illogical, bizarre, and "drunk and disorderly" behavior: Erin Cox, Erin Cox's friend, the North Andover High School administrators, or our political leaders in Washington regarding our national debt?

Let me give you a hint: it was not Erin Cox or her alcohol-impaired friend.

To view the original source for this article, see adhering to a mindset that is not based on the facts and common sense.