Why So Many People Become Addicts


Why do so many people become drug and alcohol addicts? The facts are that there are many reasons why people become drug or alcohol addicts.

For instance, whereas for some people, their addiction is due to a lack of direction in their lives, for others, it's because they are trying to escape from reality.

In a related way, while addiction for some people is a way to lessen the pain they are experiencing, for others it's an attempt to find a way to fill a void in their lives.

For still other people, addiction is a result of wanting to live life in the fast lane and party endlessly, while for others, it's a way to deal with one's loneliness or boredom.

Destruction and a Doctor's Ultimatum

What becomes especially interesting is this: even though many, if not most people fail to find what they are looking for in the process of becoming a drug or an alcohol addict (e.g., less pain, less boredom, and less loneliness) from a long-term perspective, some of them, however, learn how to live a drug-free or an alcohol-free lifestyle.

How do they accomplish this? Some individuals learn that taking drugs and drinking excessively is destroying everything of importance in their lives. So they get professional addiction treatment and learn how to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Another way that some people stop taking drugs or drinking alcohol is by getting the following ultimatum from their doctor: quit drinking or taking drugs or you will die.

Another Approach for Effective Addiction Treatment

For others, successful addiction treatment will mean the following.

  • Those who lack direction in their lives find meaningful direction.

  • Those who are trying to escape from reality learn how to find "pockets" of reality they can accept and find meaningful.

  • Those who want to lessen the pain they experience learn how to avoid pain or how to cope with pain in a more healthy manner.

  • Those who attempt to find a way to fill a void in their lives learn how to fill the emptiness in their lives.

  • Those who want to live life in the fast lane and party endlessly learn how to live "on the edge" without drugs or alcohol.

  • Those who need a way to deal with their loneliness or boredom learn how to find companionship and interesting activities in life.

People can and do become sober after undergoing successful addiction treatment.

The most worthwhile addiction treatment, however, uncovers the reasons why a person drinks excessively or takes drugs and helps this individual successfully deal with these reasons so that he doesn't feel compelled to engage in drug and/or alcohol abuse anymore.

Stated another way, the most meaningful addiction treatment approach centers on and successfully deals with the root causes of one's addiction so that the person can start making more healthy, fulfilling, and productive choices in life, both in the near and in the long-term.