Woman Allegedly Provided Teens With Alcohol


The New York State Police recently arrested Leslie M. Bonham, a 39-year-old woman from Lisle, New York for providing alcohol to teenagers who were between the ages of 14 and 19.

18 Counts of Unlawfully Dealing With a Child

Due to the fact that Ms. Bonham allegedly gave alcohol to 18 teenagers, Ms. Bonham was charged with 18 counts of "unlawfully dealing with a child."

Sixteen of the "underage drinking" incidents supposedly happened between June and August of 2013 at parties that were hosted at Ms. Bonham's house.

The other two "drinking by minors" incidents took place in the village of Marathon where Ms. Bonham allegedly bought alcohol and then gave the alcohol to two underage males.

Ms. Bonham is scheduled to appear in the Lisle Town Court on October 21, 2013. Ms. Bonham is also supposed to appear in court in Marathon but her court date is yet to be determined.


Due to the fact that Ms. Bonham lives in a residence, it is highly likely that she is either employed and pays rent or house payments or is living with someone who is employed and pays the rent or the house payments.

If Ms. Bonham is employed, she must have at least an "average" intelligence. The point: If Ms. Bonham has at least an "average" intelligence, what could possibly motivate her to give alcohol to teenagers who were between the ages of 14 and 19?

Indeed, how could Ms. Bonham have at least an average intelligence and remain unaware that providing minors with alcohol is against the law?

It was reported that Ms. Bonham served alcohol to minors at parties that were hosted at her house. If Ms. Bonham owns this house, doesn't she realize that she could lose it by supplying underage drinkers with alcohol?

More importantly, however, did Ms. Bonham honestly think that she was doing these teenagers a favor by giving them alcoholic beverages?

How is it possible that Ms. Bonham is unaware of the harm and the health hazards that are associated with underage drinking?

Indeed, from a common sense point of view, if not from a moral perspective, how in the world did Ms. Bonham justify providing teenagers as young as 14 years old with alcoholic beverages?

Is Ms. Bonham truly unaware of the host of problems that teenagers face when they become alcohol abusers and alcoholics?

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